Frequently Asked Questions


I have a customer that has an old lampshade, can you repair it?
Yes that’s what we specialize in. We can take an old lampshade and re-fabricate it, whether it is done as a Recover or just as a Reline. If you send us the old lampshade, we will match the existing fabric for your customer. We can also repair lampshades if a trim needs to be reattached, or a seam needs to be glued, or if a top detaches from a lampshade we can reinstall it. Contact us with any inquires.
I have a customer that wants one of your catalog frame sizes but wants to use their own material, is that possible?
I have a customer that wants a pleat that I do not see in your catalog. Do you have the ability to copy a pleat that I am in need of?
I have a customer that is in need of an odd colored lampshade can you match the color for me?

New Customers

I am an individual looking for a lampshade for my home, can I buy from Canterbury Roseart direct?
How do I go about opening an account, and placing my first order?
I am in need of an order within a specific time frame, what is your turnaround time?
How long does it take you to deliver?
We have a three, five, and ten day rush service. Rush service price quotes are made accordingly to the orders complexity, and quantity needed.


Do you have a minimum lampshade order?
It depends, for stocking customers we have no minimum order requirements. For non stocking customers who are customers who order less than $2,000 per year with our company, they are required to pay an additional $100 on every order placed.
Can I cancel my order?
What information do I have to have written on my purchase order?


Can you drop ship?
Yes we can. Drop ship services are available with a $10.00 fee in addition to the standard freight charge. The drop ship address must be on original order when placed. All drop ships will be shipped discrete.
How are the shipping costs calculated?
What happens if my order was damaged in shipping?
I just received my order, I am missing two lampshades, when will I receive my backorders?


What is your return policy?
What are your company payment terms?
For customers that have an active account, invoices must be paid in full within 30 days of receipt of original invoice. We will not process any new orders for customers whose accounts are past company terms of 30 days. For non stocking customers (less than $2,000 a year) any invoices that are less than $1000 must be pre-paid prior to shipping merchandise. All new accounts are required to pre-pay for outgoing shipments. Customer can pay by credit card, or company check. If customer requests net 30 day payment terms (which only applies for future stocking customers, $2000 min a year), after six months once credit is established, the account will be reviewed and credit options may be reconsidered by Canterbury Roseart accounting department upon request.